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November 14, 2022

What Are The Benefits Of Wireless Home Security Systems In Ann Arbor?

In the past, the components of your security system were limited to where wiring could go. You could forget about placing a security camera on a table or controlling your components with a cell phone. But, home security has changed dramatically over the years, and that’s largely due to the development of wireless systems. You currently have a range of extra perks to experience -- like system access from anywhere, components that connect and react to each other, and simpler system set ups. Wireless home security systems in Ann Arbor will defend your home while making your life more convenient.

Things To Think About When Switching To Wireless

Above all else, wireless home security systems must have a stable connection to the internet to perform in a proper fashion. If you have access to high-speed internet and a quality wireless router, you’re on the right path for wireless equipment.

If you’re worried about power or internet outages, search for systems that have cellular and battery backups in place to keep you connected to your monitoring team at all times.

In the event you live in a more rural area without stable internet or cellular coverage, a wired system will likely be a wiser option. Or It might also make more sense from a financial standpoint to go the traditional route if you move into a home that has security wiring already connected.

Perks Of Wireless Home Security Systems

Both traditional wired and wireless home security systems in Ann Arbor will enhance your property’s protection, which is the main objective in the first place. But, if you welcome the idea of using the most current tech, review the following perks of wireless:

  • Access from anywhere: Gain access to all the components in your house from your lighting to your security cameras directly from your smartphone utilizing the ADT Control app. You can check footage from cameras, activate your smart lights, and even arm your system on the rare chance you neglected to do so. Whenever an intrusion or emergency comes up, you may have alerts delivered right to your phone.

  • Easy to install and customize: Forget about the endless wiring, crumbling drywall, and time-consuming system setups. The great thing about wireless devices is that you may install them virtually wherever you want and in less time. If you want to customize at a later time with new equipment, incorporating devices into your system is simple.
  • Interactions between components: Wireless functionality makes interactions between devices a possibility with speedy, bi-directional communications. You may direct your devices to act in certain circumstances to increase your security and deter home invasions. For instance, if your outdoor surveillance detects unusual movement on your property, it can instantly prompt your interior lighting to activate.

Downsides Of Wireless Home Security Systems In Ann Arbor

Despite the fact that wireless home security systems in Ann Arbor are known to be reliable, it’s only natural if you are a little hesitant about installing one. Let’s take a look at a handful of the most prevalent concerns:

  • Battery-powered wireless components might stop working if the battery is depleted. Although this could happen, your smart devices will notify you whenever batteries need to be changed.
  • Sensors usually need to be arranged within a specified distance from your home’s command center. ADT offers range extenders in various scenarios to increase your flexibility.
  • Like all types of internet-connected networks, the risk of hacking persists. The good news is that you can take steps to minimize the chance of this happening by using strong passwords, always changing default passwords or settings, and choosing a router with an integrated firewall. Additionally, you should only use security devices with encryption of 128-bit or more.

Thinking About Going Wireless? Reach Out To Your Security Experts

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