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March 01, 2022

Home Automation Tips And Tricks In Ann Arbor

You have smart speakers, but are they complicating your life better? Most smart devices should make you become effective and alert. Here are a few Ann Arbor home automation tips and tricks to make your automated home security system work for your family.

Tip: Employ Smart Door Locks And Know When Kids Come Home From School

If your family is made up of school-aged adolescents, it's reassuring to find out when they come home from school. Use this Ann Arbor home automation tip to get an pop-up alert when they step into the door. First, a smart door lock and then program it to notify your mobile device when they punch in their secret unlock pin code. Then give them a quick heads up through the two-way talk feature on the indoor security camera.

Trick: Integrate Your Automation Equipment

One of the great things about a state-of-the-art home security system is paring all of your smart devices with each other. For example, don't worry about remembering to lock your doors when you leave. Instead, use your security mobile app to simply secure your doors when your phone tracks that you left your premises. You can also set schedules where your smart devices come on when your security cameras sense unusual motion or have your smart lights turn on the exhaust if your fire alarms go off.

Tip: Program Zones For Your Home Automation Devices

When you’re a homeowner, you know how annoying it is to decide which breaker controls which area of your residence when they aren't correctly diagrammed. It's similar with your smart devices. When setting up your components, you don't want to be puzzled about which home automation device is left on or which smart camera is tripped. Getting a warning that the primary window has been opened takes the guessing out of trying to understand which, say, a notification that door one has been opened.

Trick: Secure Your Packages with Home Automation

The theft of received packages may be a normal cause of anxiety. However, by adding a smart doorbell camera with your home security, you can fight missing deliveries. You can plan your home security to show you alerts when your bundles are delivered, then automatically record video if the doorbell camera is triggered afterward. You might even command it to activate your porch light or deploy the 2-way talk feature, so it always appears like you're inside.

Let Us Help You With Some Ann Arbor Home Automation Ideas

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